Working on projects in the U.S.

Damn Money jumps off collaborating on many mixtapes in the United States. It is a great pleasure for us to say that the US artists are starting to call us for features. The Latin community do not stop growing up and there is more and more demand of latin urban music everyday, we had a vision you remember!!? Some of these up and coming artists are:



BabyGas, young latin rapper from California, this dude go hard AF!! We are working on a dope single together, we will release it soon! Follow him: @BabyGasTLO



3D, you know this beast, he collaborated on our "Like Tony 305 Edition" mixtape. He wants us to be featured on his next tape called "Mi Cocina 2", and our rapper AG did a sick verse for it. Check his first volume, absolutely dope. Follow him: @Blindside3d 


Jung Phil

JungPhil, young & fresh artist from Philadelphia. He has got some hits spinning in MTV. We are working on a really hard track together. Follow him: @JungPhil609

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