"Explicit, Just Like Life" OUT NOW!

"Explicit, Just Like Life", the new mixtape from Damn Money is out now!

After the last tape "Like Tony 305 edition" we wanted to create something different, so you will find a lot of catchy hooks and melodic beats in these new 13 tracks, but also some hard trap pieces like "Dirty Money" and "I Do It". It includes the singles "Star On My Way" and "Smoke & Bottles". All songs are produced by Mindheart except nr12 co-produced by Souey and nr11 produced by Freestyla. The tape also includes the collaborations from Madrid's rapper Lil Sosa, pop/r&b singer from Canary Islands Ricky Furiati, and rapper/singer from London Frass.

TURN UPPPPP!!!! Much love to all the fans worldwide!!


Support DAMN MONEY buying it on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/explicit-just-like-life/id932114812 

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