Album Cover
Like Tony 305 Edition
Damn Money
Released: Dec 10, 2013
Label: Damn Money / White Coast Records
Track Listing
1 Behind The Line (Prod. by Mindheart)
2 Like Tony (ft. 3D) (Prod. by Mike VK)
3 Cocaine Shake (ft. Jae Coop) (Prod. D-Shuffle)
4 Don't Save The World (Prod. by Mindheart)
5 Bitches In My Car (ft. Cease Dinero) (Prod. by Eddie Wonder)
6 Take you down (Prod. by Mindheart)
7 Black Beluga (ft Gunplay) (Prod. by Mindheart)
8 Todo es money (Prod. by Eddie Wonder)
9 Stronger (ft. Ricky Furiati & Arsenelli) (Prod. by Mindheart)
10 Penthouse Party (ft. Gallardo Beezy) (Prod. by Mindheart)
11 I'm selling (Prod. by Real King)
12 Gold Digger (Prod. by Mindheart)
13 The World Is Yours (ft. Rob Millz) (Prod. by Mindheart)


Damn Money - Like Tony 305 Edition (Mixtape)
The College Dropouts
Damn Money, group from Spain, drops his new mixtape "Like Tony 305 Edition" featuring many artists from Miami like Gunplay, Jae Coop, Cease Dinero, 3D, Rob Millz, Gallardo Beezy and Arsenelli. Sound mostly trap & southern and lyrics full of ambition, hustling, women and drugs, a cockatil to Tony Montana's taste. [Read More...]
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